115: How to Learn Faster, Improve Your Memory & Be More Productive w/ Jonathan Levi


“If you can
learn, then you can do anything. And if you can do anything, you can be
anything.” Today’s guest is the expert on learning faster, remembering
more, and being more productive. Jonathan Levi is the founder of SuperHuman
Enterprises. His podcast, books, and courses teach people how to become
“SuperHuman”: teaching them how to learn
so that they can do anything and be their best self.

Aileen and Jonathan
talk about Jonathan’s journey from problem student to lifehacking expert, the
dark risks in pursuing entrepreneurship, and how society is setting us up for
failure when we try to be productive.

In this episode we

  • 1:18 – Jonathan’s journey: How to become an expert in learning, memory, and productivity
  • 7:08 – On stress, freedom, & hustle: Wisdom (and a warning) for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • 11:27 – How to learn faster: Making a plan, staying accountable, and planning for inevitable failure
  • 18:00 – Reading faster + Remembering more: How the education system stifles our natural learning
  • 30:30 – Top productivity tips for minimizing distractions, staying in flow, and prioritizing tasks
  • 37:46 – How to fight laziness + How to prevent laziness and procrastination in the future
  • 46:18 – Jonathan’s dream life, book recommendation, life-changing habit, best received advice & favorite part about life


Show notes:


  • Learning is the only skill that matters. If you can learn, then you can do anything. And if you can do anything, you can be anything.
  • You’ll never not have problems. You’ll just have better problems.
  • Before you cut down a tree, sharpen the axe. Don’t try to take down the whole forest at once.
  • Money is no good in my life unless it’s used to improve my quality of life or the quality of life of those around me.

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