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Affiliate How To:

You can find your affiliate link under the “Creatives” tab. Use this link to share the workbook and track your sales. Note that this link must be in ALL lowercase to work properly.

You can directly link to any specific product page by adding your unique ID at the end of its URL.

For example: (Bolded is the unique ID. Replace with your ID number.)

You can also use a link shortener like to save & shorten your links.



  • Affiliate payout is 20% of sales.
  • Minimum payout amount is $20. Payout is through Paypal or check (US only).
  • The cookie duration is 30 days. This means that users who click through your affiliate link will be tracked for 30 days—any purchases made within 30 days will be credited to you.
  • You can read the Affiliate Terms & Conditions here

Thank you for your support!